[PAIS] [ESX/QB] 👑 Disconnect Sistem

Amiri Disconnect

  • A novel system where, when a player disconnects from your server, their character remains in the spot where they disconnected, partially invisible (similar to passive mode in GTA Online). Above the character, a notification will display the reason for the player’s exit, as well as the ID they had before disconnecting.

  • Compatible with ESX & QB-Core.

  • Fully optimized.

  • Thhe ability to configure the text in your language however you want, add your own skin system, choose the font and size, and many other options.

  • Lifetime support for anything you need our team will assist you.


  • Command to test the script: /amiritest.

  • Added option to change the name displayed, whether it’s the Steam name or the in-game name.


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Don’t miss this opportunity to add something new to your server and make yourself stand out from other servers!

Code is accessible Partial
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 400 Aprox
Requirements ESX or QBCore
Support Yes

nice script but there’s multiple scripts free

do they do this? I haven’t seen it anywhere

yes here’s one


I didn’t know about its existence, thanks for letting me know, even though there isn’t one that’s similar, plus mine is also for that
Thanks for your notice.

no problem bro your script its nice but if you sell it for less you will make good money good luck with selling

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Showcase with a bug of losing correct heading on disconnect.

I’m going to do it, could you tell me how I force a crash?


  • Added command to test the /amiritest script

  • Added that the player’s name will now appear in the game, it can be edited in Server/edit.lua

  • Added old esx version

yea this aint worth almost 20 usd lmao max 5 even tho theres free versions


15$ is to much for this

Very good recommended script, I use it on a server with more than 300 sometimes