[Paid][YMAP] Octo Lockable Platform


This is an eight ramp platform with a spectator box. You’ll need any door lock script so you can use the doors. You can also just remove the doors if you like and keep them open.

Coordinates : -958.5969, 916.4107, 1055.38

Tebex: Purchase

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I need to ask because I am genuinely curious but what is something like this for?

These are used on combat style servers, such as ours for example. They use each side of the ramp as the starting zone, and then its a 1v1 or 2v2 style match. Very common on the combat servers.

We use it for multiple 1v1s at a time

$30??? For a YMAP?? Damn people down bad these days

There’s individuals that buy it, so unless you plan on buying, there’s no reason for you to reply.

Cause they don’t wanna learn a tool that takes 5 minutes & I can reply all I want, cheers bud

Swapped out the link.

Updated the link! :slight_smile: