[PAID] Wizating Skill Bar


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Using FiveM’s asset protection system.

This is a new concept we have thought of and have been enjoying so we are sharing it here on FiveM at a fair price.

The support we get from you guys is being put back into spending our time creating resources so thank you for the support there will be plenty more to come!

We made this as we have never enjoyed using the skill bars on FiveM, we come to find this is a more rewarding and enjoyable experience for the player.

The function has been made very customisable so you can change the difficulty of skill bars for different things from very easy to very hard, by simply changing the number of steps or the time for it to fail or even changing the amount of failed attempts allowed.

If you press the wrong key it will use one of your failed attempts when you run out of failed attempts you will fail the skill bar.

You can fail the skill bar from taking too long to press a button or pressing the wrong button.

Uses exports to trigger the skill bar.

Comes with a readme explaining how to set it up.

Resmon info:

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It looks really cool and i would have bought it but if you’re going to use asset protection. Wich means i cant modify it, please provide more information. Like, does it uses exports or event ? Does it uses promises ? Does it use function has callback ?
Showing the resmon is also a must in my opinion.
It looks really cool and if you can provide more information i will definitely buy it!

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we are just at work atm (live in uk) … when we get home tonight we will revise the post and answer your questions in there and also show a resmon. thanks for the feedback! it uses exports which then returns the information 0 or 100 to tell if you have passed or failed and is explained in the readme how to use it .

oh very nice

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nice ui

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Here are the resmon results:

What is FiveM’s asset protection system? Is it done by FiveM?

It’s the new encryption system by FiveM to protect developers work from being leaked and shared.

Can you link me to it? I’m interested!

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