[PAID] WaveProperties - Properties/Garages Creator That You Need!

hey! no, but he can just resell it and the other player can buy it

May you add an option to sell to player ?

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I don’t see the point, it would be the same to sell it and have the player buy it back? no?

I want to make an limited properties in the server,
Making some places of houses after they are bought the players will be able to trade them

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If you may add it it will be perfect

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i can

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If there will be an option like that i would like to buy the script :wink:

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i’m doing it rn

Done ?

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i’m making the whole new update including furnitures and some suggestions of current customers, will let you know !


hey, its done :slight_smile:

:ocean: WaveProperties Updated 23 January 2022


・Now, Garages list can be edited
・Added +40 new properties interiors ( IPLs & Positions )
・Added 2 new properties garages ( IPLs )
・You can enable society money for the real estate agent job, it will add money when someone buy a property, remove money when someone resell property ( with taxes )
・You can now trade properties between players ! it will create a market around the properties if you put them limited
・You can now rent properties ! you have to define hour to pay rent every days
・You can now FURNISH your properties ! With +100 objects, and you can add infinite number of objects !

Update video soon…

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No it is not finished and full of bugs

Hi man,

Really good script, it’s possible to add function for police for perquisition in house ?
or already your idea ?

can this be used as standalone? I run a vmenu with NAT2K15 framework and money system and was wondering if it would work without ESX