[PAID][VORP] Zeus Wet Items

The purpose of the script is that if a player stays in the water for the specified time, the items you specify will get wet. After the player gets out of the water, the items will dry after the specified time has passed.

Dependency VORP Core & VORP Inventory
Almost everything can be configured in config.lua


Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) +120
Requirements VORP Core / VORP Inventory
Support Yes

What if i quit the server while having “wet items” on me? What’s happens then. Will the start to dry as soon as i relog or stay wet 4 ever?

At the moment, yes. I’m working on the database, when I have time I’ll complete it and update it and the player will be able to dry his item again when he exits and enters the game.

Maybe i would work on that before putting it on tebex for nearly 40€ (my personal opinion and suggestion)

Yep i will make a price update soon.

Script price reduced