[PAID][VORP/QBUS] Khaoz Among Us [1.1]

What is Khaoz Among Us

From the Popular Game Among us I have brought it to RedM with tasks and imposters voting and much more! all for a fun action packed enjoyable game with friends not only just while doing tasks but in the meeting room being able to vote out crewmates and imposters!!! Just don’t act to sus! RedM Among Us is still in development and continuously getting updated with new features!

I have spent a long time on this script and have finally got it to a point where I am comfortable with releasing it. There are still a few little tiny issues here and there but overall its playable! and SUPER FUN with Friends!!

Known Issues

  • Sometimes players respawn after match ends still dead (if they died after being killed in game)
  • If you do not /pickimposter then the game will instantly end.


[V1.0] Version:

  • 1 Random Imposter Vs Entire Lobby
  • 5 Tasks that require to be completed in order to win!
  • Majority of the Players have to complete the tasks in order for the game to finish.
  • Voting System (Ability to vote out imposter, Or Crewmates)
  • Task Feed (Active Updating Task Feed)
  • Kill Cooldowns (Customizable)
  • /pickimposter (Before Game Starts)
  • /startgame (To Start Game After Imposter Picked)
  • Ability to have random imposters or select the imposter.
    & So Much More! Completely Customizable via Config.lua

[V1.1] Version:

Converted for QBUS

Plans for Future

  • Standalone
  • Have Voting system be more advanced
  • Ability to Set how many tasks you’d like to have in Config Instead of limited to 5 Tasks.
  • Figure out system to prevent fighting/death from crewmates to crewmates (Without disabling combat)
  • Add Mini-games for Specific Tasks
  • Display IDs overhead
  • Improve UI
  • Better Optimization


Code is accessible No
Customize code via Config Yes
Lines (approximately) 1500+
Requirements VORP
Support Yes

Purchase Script
$̶6̶0̶ | ($30) Click Here for Store

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Hope you enjoy please if you have any issues do not be afraid to message me directly :slight_smile:

This Mod is really fun with Friends, i really enjoyed playing it

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