[Paid][VORP/QBRCore] Khaoz Cows

Khaoz Cows v1.0a

What is Khaoz Cows?

This script allows for you to gather milk from cows around the world, This also can be customized to gather anything from any specific animal with the multiple customizable option within the script you can essentially have this script gather from any animal you would like. This script is relatively simple and all interchangeable within the config.

What can you customize within Khaoz Cows?

You can customize over 20+ Individual things within the script such as the notification titles text toasts what event is triggered when you get notification as well as the animations used within the group, all this and so much more is customizable via the Config, You can disable the cooldown and or enable it, Changing the prompt text as well as the key required to be held in order for the event to take place.

Preview (VORP): ( Click Here for video )

(outdated preview; Notification Toasts/Icons are not in on the video but they are functioning in the script)


  • Clear Animation on the Cow When Milking them.
  • Add Bucket under cow when milking it. [Coming V1.3b]
  • Have cows not react to Players when they get near them.
  • Add Milking locations, When players go to them and request a cow the nearest cow will walk up to location and stand there till its milked. [Coming V1.3b]

Requirements for VORP

  • VORP

Requirements For QBCore

Purchase Script:
$5USD - VORP - Purchase from Tebex Store
$5USD - QBRCore - Purchase from Tebex Store

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Added QBRCore Version
After many requests to convert script to QBRCore, I’ve converted it to QBRCore for everyone.

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How’s this script coming along? Not actual milking, ranch style scripts out there for items like milk.

It’s currently outdated hopefully the owner can update soon.

I bought it but, I keep getting “you don’t have the required entitlement to use.” error. What does that even mean?

It means the server thinks you lack the required entitlement to run the resource.

This could be for a couple reasons.

  1. You haven’t restarted the server since you added the escrowed resource.
  2. Your RedM server doesn’t have a license key, or it has the wrong license key. Use a license key from https://keymaster.fivem.net and from the same account that owns the resource.

You’re right, i needed a full restart. Now to actually get some milk. lol

Good luck, let me know if yours works because on my end it’s out of date and not functional.

Mine does seem to be working. All I needed was that restart. Cows spawn in fine and are milkable for me.

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when adding more animals to milk, do we make a new line in the same form as this one; Config.CowModel = “A_C_COW” and, just change it to a different animal?