[PAID] [VORP-ONLY] Untamed Stagecoach Robberies

Hello RedM Community,

This script provides an immersive experience for players to engage in stagecoach deliveries and robberies within the game environment. Players can take on delivery missions, deal with potential threats, and participate in robberies. The system includes reputation management, cooldowns, and configurable options to tailor the gameplay experience.

:white_check_mark: I VORP ONLY

:star: Features :star:

Stagecoach Deliveries: Players can start delivery missions, transporting goods to designated locations.

Stagecoach Robberies: Players can rob delivery wagons using dynamite.

Reputation System: Separate reputations for delivery and criminal activities, affecting pay and mission availability.

Cooldown Management: Configurable cooldowns for both successful and failed deliveries and robberies.

Dynamic Interactions: Includes random events, skill checks, and notifications to enhance the gameplay experience.

Configurable Rewards: Option to choose between money or items as rewards, scalable with reputation.

Fully Configurable: All aspects, including messages and cooldown times, can be configured through a single file.

:dollar: 35 USD


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Code is accessible Yes [Config Only]
Subscription-based Yes
Lines (approximately) 700+
Requirements as-dialogs
Support Yes
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