[PAID][VORP] LCC - Telegram | Advanced telegram system with UI

This Script is just for the VORP Framework!

I am thrilled to announce the release of our new script, LCC - Telegram, designed to enhance your communication experience on your roleplay server. Here are the exciting features it brings to the table:

Preview Video:
Preview Video

35€ + Tebex Fees and Taxes

Here you can look into the Config file: (Click to expand)

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Config = {}
Config.addressbookItem = "adressbook" --Item for addressbook
Config.useAddressbookItem = true --If you need the addressbook item to see the addressbook tab and see the dropdown
Config.telegramPaperItem = "telegram" --Item that gets added for the telegram item when you get a copy at a station

Config.CompanyNumbers = {
	["gov"] = {number = "GOV", grade = 3}, --Must contain a letter to work correctly!

Config.CityLabels = {"SD","VA","AN","RH","SB","BW","AR","TW","EM"} -- All labels that are for a station
Config.TelegramCost = 0.25 --Price to send a telegram

Config.TelegramStations = {
		label = "Saint Denis Telegram Station",
		cityLabel = "SD",
		jobLock = false,
		coords = {2731.5298, -1402.3912, 46.1331, 212.5984}
		label = "Emerald Telegram Station",
		cityLabel = "EM",
		jobLock = false,
		coords = {1522.0232, 439.5628, 90.6307, 7.0644}
		label = "Annesburg Telegram Station",
		cityLabel = "AN",
		jobLock = false,
		coords = {2939.5635, 1288.5471, 44.6028, 156.2168}
		label = "Valentine Telegram Station",
		cityLabel = "VA",
		jobLock = false,
		coords = {-178.7319, 626.5564, 114.0396, 327.0764}
		label = "Rhodes Telegram Station",
		cityLabel = "RH",
		jobLock = false,
		coords = {1225.3855, -1294.0931, 76.8592, 229.7048}
		label = "Armadillo Telegram Station",
		cityLabel = "AR",
		jobLock = false,
		coords = {-3729.0464, -2602.9436, -12.9877, 2.4934}
		label = "Tumbleweed Telegram Station",
		cityLabel = "TW",
		jobLock = false,
		coords = {-5533.4243, -2951.3579, -0.7328, 0.3415}
		label = "Blackwater Telegram Station",
		cityLabel = "BW",
		jobLock = false,
		coords = {-875.0049, -1328.7344, 43.9080, 4.5289}
		label = "Strawberry Telegram Station",
		cityLabel = "SB",
		jobLock = false,
		coords = {-1765.0322, -384.2863, 157.6920, 231.4073}
		label = "Gouvernment Telegram Station",
		cityLabel = "SD",
		jobLock = {
			{job = "gov", grade = 1},
		coords = {2358.0686, -1164.2098, 47.1194, 184.2444}

Config.Language = {
	missingNummer = "Bitte gebe ein Sender Nummer an.",
	missingReciever = "Bitte gebe ein Empfänger Nummer an.",
	missingCity = "Es wurde kein Empfängerstadt angegeben.",
	missingTitle = "Der Title darf nicht leer sein",
	missingMessage = "Bitte gebe eine Nachricht an",
	notEnoughMoney = "Du hast nicht genug Geld um das Telegram zu versenden",

	openPrompt = "Öffnen",
	sendTelegram = "Das Telegram wurde verschickt für 0.25$",
	telegramPaper = "Das Papier ist leer",

General Features:

  • Unique Number Assignment: Each user is assigned a unique number the first time they open a station, for example, 438.
  • Sending Telegrams: To send a telegram to someone, you need to use the station abbreviation plus the telegram number. For instance, for Saint Denis, you use “SD,” making it SD438. These abbreviations can be customized in the station’s configuration. Telegrams can only be viewed at the station where they were sent.
  • Sent Telegrams Tab: Telegrams are only visible in the “Sent Telegrams” tab at the station from which they were sent.
  • Sending Fee: You can set a fee for sending telegrams in the configuration.
  • Multiple Recipients: You can address multiple recipients by separating them with commas, e.g., SD332, VAL112, BW322.
  • Transcripts: Received and sent telegrams can be taken as transcripts and used for reading later. There’s a “tear” button to delete them.
  • Anonymous Telegrams: You can choose to send telegrams anonymously so that the recipient does not see your number when reading the message.
  • Removal: Telegrams can be removed from the inbox and outbox when no longer needed.
  • Joblock: Its possible to joblock a station to multiple jobs to prevent access to it

Address Book System:

  • Contact Management: You can store contacts with numbers and notes in the address book.
  • Bulk Messaging: Select multiple contacts using checkboxes and send messages or delete them from the address book.
  • Required Address Book: You need an address book in your inventory to see the address tab at the telegram station and the dropdown for direct selection when sending messages.

Business Telegram System:

  • Job Configuration: In the configuration, you can assign a telegram number to a job and set a rank requirement for access to the system.
  • Access for Employees: Employees can read all sent and received telegrams if they have the appropriate rank.
  • Global Accessibility: Business telegrams are readable from any location.

If you’re selling your resource, please include the following information at the end of your post:

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~2400 Lines
Requirements VORP Core, VORP Inventory
Support Yes
(For releases without code the not applicable fields can be written as N/A)