[PAID][VORP]Alentexas Horse Registrations

Alentexas Horse Registrations

Provides an infinite amount of items that can be used to register horses in the stables without buying them through the stable ui.

This is useful if you want to give a player a horse easily without having to give the money or having to buy it and them give it to the player. It works well for VIP horses, since the item can be part of a pack.

Now all you need is to define the item in the config, and you can give the player the item, once used it will ask for a name for the horse and will automatically register it to the stable ready to be used.


  • Syn_Stable
  • Gum_Stable
  • Soon … (RicX_horses)

In the works: Wagons registrations, boats registrations to be added to this plugin

It includes discord logs, so you can see what’s been registered and to whom

There is already pre-filled items in the config ready to go, the items for the database and the inventory images.

Video: [VORP][REDM] Alentexas Horse Registrations - YouTube

Tebex: https://alentexasrp.tebex.io/package/5532733

Price: 35 EUR

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~200
Requirements VORP
Support Yes

Just needs the ability to set the age in the configuration and this will be perfect, functions great just needs that one thing!

I will add it later today, plus some other changes :slight_smile:

Amazing. This script opens up a ton of potential RP in our server, big plans for this one

Just a friendly reminder on this one :slight_smile:

Posting it now, had to do some tests and did some preparations for extra features

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You are awesome :slight_smile: