[PAID][VORP][$30] Cobra CDS - Automatic Vip & Rewards Delivery System


:rocket::gift: Introducing CCDS - Elevate Your VIP Rewards with Seamless Content Delivery! :gift::rocket:

“Your customers visit your store, make a purchase, and receive their all their rewards within a custom kit in seconds. It’s that easy!”

Hello, server owners and players alike! We’re excited to introduce you to the Cobra Content Delivery System (CCDS), a plugin that’s set to transform your VIP rewards experience. Let’s dive right in and explore the incredible features that will take your server’s quality of life to a whole new level!

You can see a simple demo on youtube : [Click Here]

Here’s why CCDS is a game-changer:

  1. Tebex Integration: Seamlessly integrated with Tebex, CCDS ensures automatic delivery of VIP rewards to players when they’re online. Say goodbye to manual processes and let your players enjoy their rewards in real-time.
  2. Easy Setup: Setting up CCDS is a breeze! Just create a package on Tebex and add our commands to the delivery options. The plugin takes care of the rest, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both you and your players.
  3. Fair Mode Option: Embrace fairness with the unique “Fair Mode” feature. This allows players to purchase VIP kits using in-game money, creating a balanced and engaging experience for everyone.
  4. Tiered VIP Kits: With six tiers of VIP kits, you have the power to define exactly what your players receive. These kits can include items, instant gold, instant money, gold salary, money salary, and more.
  5. Tradeable Kits: CCDS sets itself apart by allowing players to trade VIP kits among themselves. Only the player who opens the kit gains its benefits, encouraging an active in-game economy and driving more VIP purchases.
  6. Upgraded Gold Trader: Enjoy enhanced gold trading capabilities with the upgraded gold trader feature. Buy and sell gold seamlessly, while webhook logs keep you informed about every transaction.
  7. In-Game VIP Kit Purchases: Elevate fairness even further! In fair mode, players can purchase VIP kits using in-game money (gold), promoting equitable gameplay and enhancing the overall experience.
  8. Global Notification: Spark VIP excitement! Optional global notifications announce in-game when someone upgrades to VIP, motivating more contributions and fostering a supportive community.
  9. Extensive Discord Integration: CCDS ensures you stay connected. Discord webhooks and comprehensive logs keep you informed about gold transactions, kit deliveries, kit usage, and more.
  10. Special Salary Customization: Define special salaries in gold and money to cater to your unique server ecosystem.
  11. Enhanced Security: Enjoy peace of mind with our closed-source script design. This extra layer of security prevents unauthorized access and cheating, while most functions operate server-side for added protection.
  12. Configurability and Localization: The extensive config and translation files make it easy to tailor CCDS to your server’s needs and language preferences.
  13. Automatic VIP Package Management: CCDS automatically removes expired VIP packages and sends a log to Discord. Effortlessly maintain a clean system and stay updated on expired packages.
  14. Automatic Delivery of Money and Gold: CCDS now includes the option to deliver gold and money separate from vip kits, this way you can sell money and gold packs on your store and CCDS will deliver them.
  15. Automatic Delivery of Items: CCDS now includes the option to deliver items separate from vip kits, this way you can sell items on your store and CCDS will deliver them for you.
  16. Exciting Future Updates: Stay tuned for more exciting features in the future, including 3-day test VIP packages and other fun enhancements to make your VIP experience even more dynamic and engaging!

Important Disclaimer: want to emphasize that CCDS is a content delivery system designed to enhance your server’s quality of life. It works exclusively with Tebex and follows cfx.re server monetization rules. We do not influence or control what players or server owners choose to do with their rewards, including trading and selling. Cobra Plugins highly recommends server owners to read and follow the REDM/FIVEM server monetization guides to ensure ethical and compliant server practices.

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BUY ON TEBEX (LIFETIME) for $30 : [Click Here]
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Code is accessible No
Subscription-based Both sub and Lifetime Available
Lines (approximately) 1000+
Requirements Vorp_Menu / Vorp / Tebex
Support Basic Support Included

Feel free to ask any questions and give ideas!

I recomended, best VIP sistem, automatic and easy <3