[PAID] Versus Anticheat - Standalone / ESX - Protect your server now!

Ngl, Same

Anticheat has been updated.

New update has been released. Added ban ID in the database and changed how the ban messages look. ( You can now add your discord in it )

Good anticheat and good support but is not recomeded for server for now is need more updates and work.

New update: Reworked our anti-props, peds and vehicle system.

Since Install rcore_spray not worked anymore.

Sorry? Is this related to the post?

yes since we installed VersusAC rcore_spray does not work anymore
it will start the animation and about 1-3 secs later it will cancel it

A new update has been released. Fixed various issues like prop deletion

New update has been pushed. Also removed one feature.

Reuploaded the showcase video. Should be visable again.

New updates are on its way. The admin menu is also being worked on.

If there are any suggestions please let me know! :slight_smile:

We wait of update for the rcore spray Ressource!
And for admin menu