[PAID] Valentine's Day Pack

It’s cool to falling in love to your best friend or… with me :eyes: :beaver:
Polish your shoes, grab your best suit and surprise your crush with this Saint Valentine’s prop pack.

Run! February is near and you need to get a script yourself out of here :slight_smile:


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This pack contain:

  • x1 bv_bear_black
  • x1 bv_bear_white
  • x1 bv_bear_blonde
  • x1 bv_bear_brown
  • x1 bv_bouquetflower_red
  • x1 bv_bouquetflower_white
  • x1 bv_chocobox_closed
  • x1 bv_chocobox_open
  • x1 bv_cup_loveu
  • x1 bv_ringbox_closed
  • x1 bv_ringbox_open
  • x1 bv_wedding_ring
  • x1 bv_wedding_cake
  • x1 bv_wedding_cake1
  • x1 bv_wedding_cake2
  • x1 bv_wedding_cake3

:warning: ( Note: This pack does not include scripts ) :warning:
:rainbow_flag: ( This pack is lgbti friendly and include cakes with diferent orientation figure on top ) :rainbow_flag:


1) Purchase and download the asset
2) Extract "bv_valentines" into your resources folder
3) Add bv_valentines into server.cfg
4) Use the props on eating scripts for example.


Tebex Link 10€ + Taxes
Protected under Asset Screw System


Icons for inventory system

Code is accessible N/A
Subscription-based N/A
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements N/A
Support Yes

Very nice release :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Oh my god the fact that you made it LGBTQIA friendly is so awesome T_T

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Good job

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