[PAID] Sugo_Stash V1 | Stash with Pin or Job | Fully Customizable!

resmon max 0.01 - 0.00

Preview : Sugo_stash || https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDeA2i9QakE

Buy it here : https://sugodev.tebex.io/package/6089309

  • Stash where you can hack it to open it if you don’t have the job configured in the config, you can set the retries. Ability to add a boss menu and ability to add a vault with a pin that does not require jobs but simply the code entered in the config

Configuration :

  • Fully customizable config
  • Periodic updates
  • 2 other types of inventory have already been implemented for the pin system

If you want to customize it, contact me on discord to improve it, I’m at your complete disposal!

Dependencies: Ox - Lib / Ox_Inventory / simonsays

Simonsays just for the minigame, you can choose what you want. (If u want to change that contact me)

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based NO
Lines (approximately) Number of lines
Requirements Ox - Lib / Ox_Inventory / simonsays
Support Yes

Update 31/01:

  • Added ability to put lib.notify as notifications

  • Added possibility of customizing the drawmarker on the ground

  • Further lightened the script

Update done for a customer, if you want other updates contact me!

new account here. the old one has been hacked. cfx didn’t help me, so i have to remove assets from the website. if you’ve made a purchase, please contact me.