🎆 [PAID][STANDLONE] Concentration minigame | UI

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I present you a minimalistic concentration minigame that is perfect for your systems, which you and your players will be delighted with!

This is a minigame for attention and concentration, you have to score the right number of points in a limited amount of time to win.

The minigame is very easy to set up!


The script consumes:

0.00 ms in a quiet state.


0.00 ms in an active state.


Note: This concentration minigame is not encrypted in any way, which will give you the opportunity to edit it at your request!

What does this minigame include:

  • You can set the time, as well as the ability to set a random time for the game!

  • You can set the required number of points to win, as well as the ability to set the randomization of the necessary points!

  • Minimalistic appearance!

  • Detailed guide!

  • Animation when starting a minigame!

  • You can set a further action if you win in the minigame!

  • Of course support, I am ready to help you edit this minigame: customize according to your desire, functionality, etc.!

(US$13.53 - includes tax)
You can get that resource in my Tebex.

(US$33.83 - includes tax) - Minigame Bundle (Includes all minigames)
You can get that resource in my Tebex.

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Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~500
Requirements No
Support Yes
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