[PAID] [Standalone] VD Enhanced Vegetation (Vegetation, Scenery & Environment)



Enhanced Vegetations adds more vegetation, scenery and environment around San Andreas. Such as more trees, flowers, bushes, mini parks and much much more!

All files comes as a ymap and are separated into different areas so you can pick and chose which areas you want to use. For example you could remove the Legion Square file and it will not add that area in.


  • Adds more Vegetation around San Andreas making it more vibrant and pumping more life into the world.
  • Adds more scenery into the world, making the plain and boring areas into something more exciting such as adding in mini park areas, seating, statues, etc…
  • Optimized, no FPS drop.
  • No glitching textures, everything done with attention to detail.
  • Works with the free forest mapping: Forests of San Andreas. (Recommended as I do not plan on making my own forests to replace this unless it becomes highly requested)
  • Modular - You can select which areas you want to use as each area is it’s own file.

:cherry_blossom:CURRENT VERSION (1.0.2):

  • Legion Square
  • Mirror Park
  • City Hall and Surrounding Area
  • More to come soon!


Legion Square Screenshots

Mirror Park Screenshots

City Hall Screenshots

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Why wouldn’t I just do this myself on Codewalker?
I mean you can, if you want to spend hours doing this yourself. Enhanced Vegetation makes it easier for people to just drag and drop with no effort.

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based Yes & No
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements None
Support Yes

Can you separate legion?

5$ A MONTH That is too much for a simple ymap. i understand if you dont know how to make ymaps but still and also you just could do a small google search and find simlar maps for free for example Forest’s of san adreas and GTA V Remastered: Enhanced

This is what i think ofc some people might think differend.

If this was onetime payment it wouldn’t be bad deal but 5 bucks a month


Agreed, great job on the ymap, and it’s excellent that you take optimization into consideration, but adopting a monthly model isn’t the move. I think you’d find yourself with a lot more customers and interest if you upped it to like… $10 and took the subscription out.

Subscriptions for FiveM resources typically succeed after a creator has garnered significant attention, and grants access to all of their popular resources for a subscription if one chooses to not purchase individually. It is also used for resources that take an extraordinary amount of time, meaning hundreds upon hundreds of hours, such as LB Phone.

I know it’s disheartening to receive feedback like this on a resource you put genuine effort into. The presentation is fantastic. “Simple” or not, it is quality.

But I promise, to receive feedback like this so instantaneously is not just mindless complaint, it is real feedback. This is a competitive market. The consumers of this market are very vocal when they feel someone is trying to break past the line that everyone’s wallets have set.

If you read the topic, I linked Forest of San Andreas and even said I would not be making another forest, I’ve made it so my map works with that.

Additionally it’s £5/month as I will be doing monthly updates and building on the maps until it covers the entirety of San Andreas and making it modular so people can select what maps they want to use. If people want to purchase the current version for £5, they can cancel the subscription and keep the files to use so there is a one time option, it’s subscription to support the continuous additions and updates which customers can also suggest what they want to see next in my Discord. You can even wait and purchase when more gets added.

Please read the thread before trying to trash it. It’s not like I am charging 50-100 like some people, I spend hours focusing on all the small details of every ymap I do in this resource and I think my time/efforts are worth a mere £5/month at least.

Again, in the FAQ at the bottom, you can go do this in Codewalker yourself but I am offering my time and efforts for a small fee so people don’t have to spend hours doing it themselves.

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This looks amazing bro, keep up the good work!

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I did read it i just said what i think “This is what i think ofc some people might think differend.”
But i understand your side no hate for you. The maps look cool!

And also about the forest i mentioned forests of sa and gta remasterred because for me they together are simlar to your map. Atleast thats what i think

looks nice but please make a non subscription version

If you mean that you only want to use legion and not mirror park then yes, each area has it’s own file you can pick to use or not. Documentation and information in regards to this can be found on the store.

I appreciate everyone’s feedback. I know any vegetation type ymap has it’s similarities however I am making a fully supported, more detailed and customer orientated one. Instead of just throwing a bunch of random bushes and trees around the map (like most free ones), I add specific details, new scenery/locations building onto the map and not just 1-2 bushes/trees dotted here and there.

Enhanced Vegetation takes requests from customers and adds in what you want and not just given a simple pre-built bush/tree ymap that is barely updated/supported.

This is my first ever release so I am still trying to get a feel for pricing and what people expect to pay. Again, the only reason I opted for subscription is because it will get continuous updates multiple times a month. However, I can make a lifetime package and make it cost somewhere between £20-30 if that seems reasonable for people? That may seem like a lot but you will be getting updates for the foreseeable future…

I didn’t want to make it seem like a money grab so opted to make it a low and what I thought fair price per month but if people want a one time payment, I can definitely add that option.

Version 1.0.1 released:

  • Mirror Park Addition, see screnshot below.
  • Fixed the benches clipping through the leaves of the hedge in the middle of pond area.

Lifetime plan added for £20 which is a one time payment.
This includes monthly updates as well forever.

These are basegame trees placed with an ymap. I think asking $5 One-time is maybe the max someone would pay for it?

As previously mentioned multiple times, yes you can go do this in Codewalker yourself and spend hours. I am continuously updating this resource with new areas and adding much more details than just “trees placed”.

You are paying for the time it takes me to give continuous updates and time it takes to do this, additionally adding in the areas and styles you want and request.

You can buy current version for £5 and cancel subscription and continue using it. It’s priced monthly or higher for one time because of the updates you get every single month and having a say in what is added.

Version 1.0.2 Released!

  • Added new area: City Hall and Surrounding Area
City Hall Screenshots

You can now get 30% off when purchasing the Lifetime package of Enhanced Vegetation!

We just buy it for our server and how can I said that… ?

I think its the most cute, refresh vegetation that I never see.
The quality it’s really so high, its really not what you can see on the free website.

Vallorz is suuuuper kind and respond reaaaally fast if you have any question.
I can’t wait to see the update and other work !!!

You can buy it for super cheap, please, don’t hesitate and support ! :heart:

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