[PAID] [STANDALONE] SSVS - Sensitive Shaky Vehicle System

SSVS is a system that adds shake during jump landings and vehicle collisions.

Its particularity is that the system is sensitive to the power of the shocks, that is to say that according to the impact of the shock, it will more or less shake accordingly (even on the firing of weapons). It therefore adapts perfectly to the physical rendering of GTA V for a completely amazing result !

It will allow you to add a good dose of immersion and realism to your server!

The SSVS works for all vehicles (air/land/sea) and each type of vehicle can have its own settings. (Shocks are taken into account for all vehicle passengers)

But nothing beats a little trailer to show you all that and we’ll talk about the details below :wink:
(a test server is also available, public info on discord)

Preview : GTA/FiveM - SSVS - Sensitive Shaky Vehicle System - YouTube

Regarding the technical details, the system uses 5 different detection factors and simultaneously thanks to an algorithm dedicated to the permanent calculation of shocks. Namely that the methods and the algorithm had to be modified 4 times to find the way of doing things that really covers all the possibilities. But suddenly the success rate of the coherence of the tremor with the shocks is very close to 100% in all possible cases.

The resource consumes between 0.5 and 0.10ms and does not cause any reduction in FPS. It was developed and tested on FiveM version 2372 and is currently running on version 2699 (with artifact 5562) on the demo server. The system is independent of other resources and therefore highly compatible.

You also have the possibility to configure the system as you wish thanks to numerous options.

Below is the configuration for cars and the explanations to reduce or increase the tremors.

The same configuration exists for other types of vehicles (motorcycles/boats/bicycles/helicopters/planes)

– Configuration for cars
– For those vehicules classes : 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10 11 12 17 18 19 20

ConfigCar = {

-- This option defines if cars can lean in the air
AllowAirControl = 0, -- 0 = disallow, 1 = allow

-- This option defines if cars shakes or not on jump landing
IsJumpControlActive = 1, -- 0 = no, 1 = yes

-- This option defines if cars shakes or not on damage
IsDamageControlActive = 1, -- 0 = no, 1 = yes

-- This option defines the max value of shake when landing,     
MaxShakeValueOnLanding = 4.0,

-- This option defines the max value of shake when taking damage,     
MaxShakeValueOnDamage = 4.0,

-- This option defines the initial converter value to assign a shake to a jump
-- Higher value set lower initial shake (you may have to test to understand)
JumpToShakeConverter = 200,

-- This option defines the initial converter value to assign a shake to a damage    
DamageToShakeConverter = 100,

-- This option defines how much minimal damage needed to activate a shake
-- Higher value set a lower detection (0.05 is a very sensitive default value but with realistic rendering)
DamageSensibility = 0.05,

-- Those next parameters allow you to configure the sensibility of the strengh of the shakiness
-- Defaults settings are pretty good and we spent many hours to test them so by default it would be OK 
-- depending of your personnal sensibility about the shakiness
-- You can't change the detection method and the base strengh of the shakiness 
-- but you can increase or decrease the ratio applied on the base shakiness
-- A base ratio (RatioLevel1) is apply from speed 0km/h to speed defined by SpeedLevel2 (100km/h by default)
-- In this Level called 1, the ratio will be RatioLevel1 and then switch on RatioLevel2 when going more than SpeedLevel2
-- It works the same for Level2 to Level3

-- SpeedLevel1 = 0 to SpeedLevel2 // DO NOT UNCOMMENT, THIS IS FOR INFORMATION
SpeedLevel2 = 100.0,
SpeedLevel3 = 150.0,

RatioLevel1 = 1.0,    
RatioLevel2 = 1.5,
RatioLevel3 = 2.0,


Tebex Shop : https://mythyzyn.tebex.io/

Code is accessible No (only config)
Subscription-based Yes
Lines (approximately) ~1000
Requirements N/A
Support Yes (discord)