then im your next buyer :smiley:

anyone news ? :smiley:

Do you know more ?

Today we push update with a chat I’m doing it right now

hi is there a way to move hud how we like ?

Nah we may implement it in future

okay bro. and the oxygen ? we still waiting for it :smiley:

We’re focused on few other things but it’ll come for sure

ok i trust you and we will buy it. it is the most important display for us for diving

Any reply from my questions above?

Also what is the resmon ?

there are also missing options to show or hide single elements. we also don’t get some things changed like translation


and the voice hud is not working properly. cant set range and sometimes it doees not react

maybe can u help

so we bought it and had to realize that it is not quite so mature yet. there are still many things that need to be fixed urgently like the translations or the bugs at scriptstart

Join diskord servers to get support and follow content

and why licensekey when its escrowed ? its causes issues i guess

A key will come to your mail, you have to enter it

i know that. but why is it necessary when the script is escrow protected ? it’s totally unnecessary