[PAID] [Standalone] rbNotify

Clean and classic notification
Aren’t you tired of editing CSS, HTML and JS to have another style? We got you :facepunch:!

Feature list :heavy_check_mark:

  • Easy config editing (timeout, image, layout, position, progressBar and titleColor)
  • Beautiful UI
  • No encryption used
  • All resolutions friendly
  • HTML & CSS Lover (you can use HTML and CSS to customize your own text)
  • Optimized (0.00 - 0.01)

To Do :hammer:

  • Launch a new version of rbNotify, even more customizable and even more user-friendly

You can Preview📷 & Buy🔥 it!

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Code tutorial

  • Config

                          everything in the config file is commented, this is just a demonstration

  • Main structure

                      the syntax may change when using triggers, but, the parameters will be the same

  • Export client-side

  • Triggers


Good work! Thanks for all the support, keep up!


que script incrível, adoro a estética simplista das mensagens, óptimo trabalho amigo


This looks really nice bro, good work

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Incrivel!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Great Script! Definitely worth the price!
Thank you for your work in the community and for the tutorial!

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yea, exactly

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Looks a lot like the iziToast Library.
Do you have permission to sell these?
I mean the library is actually free

Hey! :wave:

Actually, as far as i know this library is under MIT License, what means that everyone can do whatever they want, but still, we are currently in contact with Marcelo, the owner.
If something changes, we we’ll let you know. :blush:

Best regards,

Looks cool!

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