this one is alot nicer than the other free ones i tried

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Update 1.6

  • Added support for ox_inventory and qs-inventory
    • Script supports 3 inventories at the moment (qb, ox, qs), but you are able to implement your own code for searching vehicles if you using different inventory. Player searching works without depending on inventory systems, but on framework.
  • Added target system, qb-target and qtarget supported (you can disable it if you don’t want to use it)
    • Added only options that i thought will be great, let me know if you want me to add others
  • Highly improved animations
    • Added so many details to make the dog more alive with you
  • Added pee and poo system, also can be disabled (comes with effects and animations)
  • Searching success of vehicles and players is now depending on the fail % of dogs level.
  • Fixed bug when you stop carrying dog there is chance that he will die from the fall
  • You can now cancel ball throwing by selecting it again so you don’t have to throw it to stop the action…

This is new update so let me know if you find any bugs :slight_smile:

The script seems useful but vmenu is ugly, ox_lib a lot better

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Yea i’m planning to extend the script into more menus like qb-menu, ox_lib or basic esx menu…
I’m just focused on other features for now.

Coupon for 25% discount, for three lucky ones. :slight_smile:


Update 1.7

  • Added new vehicle entering animations (they are still in the sting phase so you can disable them in the cfg file)
    • I added also different animation when you enter some van for example, but keep in mind that it could look weird in some vans, so better to use regular cars…
  • Added tracking option
    • Find anyone in specified radious
    • Tracking depends on lvl, so dog can miss some tracks
    • Added cooldown so you can’t spam it, cooldown starts if dog finds some tracks
  • Option to disable LVL system completely, if you disable it then dog will always follow your orders
  • Added menu settings into cfg file so you can customise the menu to your liking
  • Reworked some main functions and threads so script runs more smoother
    • Resmon: idle 0.0, in use 0.0 - 0.1
  • Added support for QBX
  • Improved animations in certain actions and some other small improvements
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lovin this update! Thanks!

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