[PAID][STANDALONE] Premium Poker - WildRP Inspired

-A collective effort from @TritonXVII and @emtheophilos presents

Premium Poker Script - WildRP Inspired

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Poker comes to realism, enjoy epic moments with mechanics never seen before in a retail version!


  • Standalone Script supports any framework.

  • 3 available poker tables at start (Valentine, Blackwater, Saint Denis).

  • VORP plug n play.

  • Unlimited poker tables support.

  • All available card sleeves in the game.

  • Determine game props based on your server economy.

  • Easy translate.

  • Advance notification solutions to support any system.

  • Self explanatory Config file.

  • More than 100.000 hand simulations have been successfully completed.

  • New! Compatibility with Syn Clan, you can find more information from Blue. Blue’s Syn Scripts | Welcome

  • New! Multiple chair model support for custom poker tables.

  • New! Admin features giving extend control and stabilization to the script mechanics.


  • None


Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 3600
Requirements None
Support Yes

Buy Premium Poker Script(120€): here


Available for private test until December 3 2022

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Beautifully deployed UI and game integration.

A couple of questions I have:

  • Resource usage during and away from the table (idle)
  • What code is accessible? All framework logic, money handlers, etc?
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Thank you,

  • Resource usage during and away from the table (idle)

It is a 0.00ms idle and goes up to 0.03-0.04ms when buttons are rendered on screen when in play (no performance impact), network traffic (S->C) is a 2byte data, some non spammable traffic goes up to 500byte depending on how many props are inside the carrying data for local streaming.

  • What code is accessible? All framework logic, money handlers, etc?

All the necessary framework logic can be very easily added/edited inside the config, all the script translations are available, you can edit all the buttons to your liking(names, keys, hold/press), the UI can be altered to your liking its open even if its only for colors/fonts etc, tables and chairs can be customized for each poker table for props you might prefer, you can edit the offset angle of props to correct the layout rotation for custom tables.
Pretty much anything that is visible to the client can be altered with options or code. I will consider giving access to objects like poker chips soon. Only the game mixed with poker logic is escrowed.


Thank you for the detailed response and thorough explanation, it doesn’t get better than that :slightly_smiling_face:.

I will certainly be purchasing soon when the time comes sooner for my public release. Can’t wait to deploy this!

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Hi, is this player vs player only or do NPCs also sit in? Oh, and does this handle split pots, and side pots?

It is only a player vs player and yes it handles split/side pots otherwise people would abuse this for money duplication, in other words you have nothing to worry about it is a real poker script.

We have collaborated with Blue from Syn Scripts and the script is now compatible with
Syn_Clan & Syn_Housing
This means that dynamically placed tables are now fully operational as poker tables (from any script).

Almost a week since release and we are happy to share with you some reviews and appreciations from the owners of our script.

Thank you very much and thank you to all those who took the interest of taking a look at it in our private sessions.

Nice Poker we like it