[PAID][Standalone] Neat Loading screen

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I present you a neat loading screen for your server with a string of hints, which you and your players will be delighted with!

Note: This loading screen is not encrypted in any way, which will give you the opportunity to edit it at your request!

What does this loading screen include:

  • You can customize the text, background, music, animation!

  • A running line of hints!

  • The loading bar (You can turn it off if you don’t need it)

  • Convenient configuration

  • Of course support, I’m ready to help you edit this loading screen: customize text, background, animation, etc!

(US$8.00 - includes tax)
You can get that resource in my Tebex.

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Code accessible Yes
Subscription based No
Lines (approximately) ~500
Requirements N/A
Support Yes
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Nice Looking Loading Screen , NGL.
The Main Problem is, There is dozens of loading screens out there. what is unique about yours?
I can literally list like 10 loading screens that are more appetizing to look at right here ( thats just my personal opinion )
The Price is not That much high, If you really think this loading screen fits your need and offers something that dozens of free loading screen would not, Buy it without a doubt.
6/10 Recommended!


Thank you for your personal opinion :moyai:

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this looks exactly like Panzer-Loadscreen

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Correction: it IS Panzer’s Loadscreen it’s 100% identical from the font. to the bold words

you could pay for it or get it from the original coder for free


Please send a copy of your resource to moderators group for approval