[PAID][STANDALONE] Health / Armor bars over head for your deathmatch server/any server

This is a simple standalone Health/armor bars script that made only with LUA

  • synced between players
  • configurable settings (width - height - max distance)
  • there is a command you can use it to change bars distance between players in-game
  • armor shows when you have armor on
  • id / name over the bars as you see in photos

Tebex : Tebex link
After purchase check your email or contact me on discord Frowmza#5878


nice job ! Look nice.

Getting a page not found from your tebex link.

Oh, let me fix it

try now

thanks, the link is working now!!

How do I get the resource after purchase?

Is the code full editable?

Yeah, you can adjust the bars in config / distance between players…

check email

when there are 4 players in a vehicle will i see all 4 bars or only 1 bar ?
screenshot would be nice to see with 4 players in car