šŸ“¦ [PAID][Standalone][ESX] Arsenal system - Customizable arsenals | For any job or for everyone | Items/Weapons | UI


I welcome you CFX community!

Today I present to you the arsenal system, thanks to which you will be able to diversify the gameplay on your server! Iā€™m sure you and your players will love it!

This system includes a pleasant user interface, the ability to configure the entire resource. The resource includes 2 preset arsenals that you can increase indefinitely and use at will. You can prescribe the items you need so that people can use them. You can also set up access to the arsenal only for players with a certain job to block access to people without the required work.

Credit: Do$ :jigsaw:

Demonstration of the system:


Note: This arsenal system is not encrypted in any way, which will give you the opportunity to edit it at your request!

Optimization (The script consumes):

0.00 ms in a quiet state.

0.01 ms in an active state.

What features does the arsenal system include:

  • This system works on all versions of ESX, as well as STANDALONE!
  • Beautiful user interface!
  • The ability to enable blips on the map!
  • The possibility of endless arsenal settings!
  • The ability to use the arsenal only for certain jobs! (Only for ESX)!
  • You can completely change the user interface at will!
  • Of course support, Iā€™m ready to help you edit this arsenal system !

(US$ 18.45 - includes tax)
You can get that resource in my Tebex.

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Code accessible Yes
Subscription based No
Lines (approximately) ~900
Requirements Standalone/ESX
Support Yes

:heart_eyes: good job

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Looks great as always :star_struck:

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