[PAID] [STANDALONE] Enhanced recoil & weapon safety

Simple yet innovative recoil script taking advantage and enhancing recoil system for FiveM.
Do you want to have immersive and game-like recoil system? This is just for you!


  • Enhanced recoil system for both first and third person view
  • Native (game) weapon components slightly affect recoil
  • Comes with basic weapon recoil
  • Also includes vehicle forced first person (configurable)
  • Custom recoil values for weapon groups or specific weapons
  • Weapon safety system with metadata (safeties apply to any player that picks up weapon with safety)

I will be updating this resource and continue working on making this the best recoil resource available.

Disclaimer; recoil does not seem to work for special weapons such as sniper rifles or minigunr (duh), but any other weapon works just fine

Tebex - 9.99$ (Inc tax)

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 200
Requirements ox lib
Support Yes

[PAID] LSRP Car radio
[Free] LSRP Vehicleshop

Please fix preview.

The domain is down currently, I will reupload to streamable soon
E: Updated preview to streamable, I bumped values a bit higher than normal to demonstrate the recoil. You can set up smoother / smaller recoil to achieve less shaky screen

Can you give a preview screenshot of config?

Im Interessted but its possible to activate the reticle ? The Aiming Hud Frame? We still want to use it.

Dude … Fix your Keymaster! I got the lspr Carradio asset but not the Recoil script.


1x Recoil

Total: 7.68 EUR
Sales Tax: 1.23 EUR


Please redownload from your keymaster again. Recoil script will get an update later today / tomorrow as it has some additional features. Sorry for the inconvenience, feel free to DM me if you have any further issues <3

Version 1.2 is out!


  • Slight rework of vehicle recoil, now fully configurable
  • Minor code adjustments

Please redownload your newer version from Keymaster.

Update v1.3

  • Updated better thread functionality and added option for thread loop configurable time wait (currently at 300ms)
  • Enhanced some misc vehicle related options
  • Updated preview


If you have any concerns or you found any bugs please do not hesitate contacting me in DMS either here or on twitter.

Update v1.4

Prior to other major script release, I finished all functions and improved weapon attachments corelation to thee recoil. Now, if you have grips on your weapons, it will reduce the recoil by 25%.

Update 1.5

Added support for first person forcing in all context modes (car, helis, bikes …)

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Amazing Script and Great Support! :green_heart:

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Update 1.6

  • Enhanced fp / tp automatic switch (now shouldnt force you back to 3RD P after zooming manually in)
  • Added discord support

Hello everyone!

Update 1.7 now includes Weapon safety option that will save into weapons metadata. Allows you to enable safeties on weapons which will be applied to other players as well!