[PAID][STANDALONE] Drug Lab Camper System

:minibus: Revolutionize Your FiveM Server with Our Customizable Portable Drug Lab Camper! :minibus:

:fire: Feature-Packed Script for an Immersive Experience:

  • :star2: Customizable Drug Manufacturing: Tailor the drug lab to your server’s style and players’ tastes.
  • :video_game: User-Friendly Gameplay: Engage in drug processing with simplicity and fun.
  • :hammer_and_wrench: Advanced Storage System: Safe from duping, ensuring fair play.
  • :building_construction: Customizable Camper Upgrades: Enhance security, storage, and processing speed.
  • :rotating_light: Strategic Break-In Feature: Defend your lab for a thrilling challenge.
  • :handshake: Promote Teamwork: Collaborate with others in your drug-manufacturing venture.

:wrench: Highly Configurable for Server Owners:

  • :blue_car: Vehicle Model Selection: Choose the perfect camper for your lab.
  • :round_pushpin: Customizable Markers: Set coordinates inside the camper for a unique layout.
  • :package: Flexible Storage Options: Adjust storage size to your needs.
  • :test_tube: Create Drug Recipes: Freedom to design numerous recipes.
  • :gear: In-depth Upgrade Customization: Craft your desired upgrades for speed, storage, and security.
  • :unlock: Break-In Mechanics: Set items for break-in, blacklist jobs, and control break-in time.
  • :art: Color Customization: Match the camper to your server’s theme.
  • :globe_with_meridians: Multi-Language Support: Translate to fit your server’s language.
  • :computer: Framework Compatibility: Works with ESX, QBCore, and adaptable to others with open-source code.

:link: Dive Deeper into Our Script:

:stop_sign: Important Requirement:

  • :gear: sky_base Resource: This script requires the ‘sky_base’ resource. Good news – it’s available for free in our shop! Ensure you download it to fully enjoy the script’s capabilities.

:earth_africa: Bring a Unique Twist to Your Server Today! :earth_africa:

Join the ranks of innovative server owners. Elevate your FiveM experience with our portable drug lab camper script! :rainbow::woman_technologist::tada:

:arrow_right: Purchase it here: Tebex

Code is accessible No (Partly)
Subscription-based No
Requirements sky_base (free)
Support Yes
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And another one insane Release <3

Nice Release GUYS -:heart:

New update to version 1.1


  • Added an option to disable the display of police numbers in the break in menu
  • Fixed inventory overflow issues caused by having too many items
  • The camper can’t be moved now while somebody is inside

Can i use this with my standalone server, with vMenu?

Yes, all framework related code is open source, so you can make it work with any framework if you have some coding skills