[PAID] Shop Robbery

Hi today I suggest my store robbery script.

It’s an easy configurable script.
(Here is the config)

You can change everything how much you earn how much money you get and so on.
If you have a melée weapon you have so much chance that the ped will shoot at you, you can also change that chance.

My tebex: https://lord-santos.tebex.io/package/4457654
Preview: Store Robbery


that is one disgusting script there brothaaaaa

Good evening, several questions come to me when I see this… First of all, is it synchronized between all the players of the server? (animations and money deposit) then is the cooldown also synchronized for all players of the server? then to finish can we rob the supermarket with several players or only alone?

look like you need to restart the script for the npc to works ?

the script has notice to the police, if not, it would be good to implement it.

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Give credit where credit is due. This is clearly loffe robbery with changed variables. If you changed the script then you should still give credit


This guy were selling trough random communities and it was a big scam so now he’s spotted he try on forums

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Yo @WalterWhite No you don’t must to restart the script

I made the script all by myself, don’t just review my script if the config looks like it!

Yo @WalterWhite When you rob the shop you block the shop for everyone for the time thad you putted in the config and you can still rob other shops

Yeah the just the police is having the msg

Are you talking to me ? ps i am not a scammer i don’t know why you say thad ?

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Because it’s totally true support is a part of a sale :wink:

Isnt it paste of loffe robbery??


You see, for my part, I think that he is not stealing from anyone without giving credits, as long as he does not use the same code, the idea may be the same, but then for the same reason almost all scripts would have to give credits of something for that almost all look alike. this person is selling his code and updates to the script and it is his job to do it. for my part, the script needs more code with new features to make the script even more interesting, which in itself is. I think that if the price were lowered a little more at the beginning to thank those who buy it first to help the project and to raise the price as new functionalities are implemented to the project, it would be great. XD

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This need some work to make right

I really respect the work of each one, but the price seems high having a script that performs the same option of stealing from stores, the only difference from one to another is that the seller of the store shoots you.