[PAID] Scully Weapon Sling v2 (Synced with attachments!)

I’m confused about what you’re saying. I’ve bought t his script for QB-core, it’s working perfectly fine, just use 4 and 5 on the num pad while holding a long range weapon and it goes exactly where it’s supposed to?

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  • Added an export to remove slinged weapons.
  • Made it so the sling no longer removes the weapon when slinged it will just disable it in the weapon wheel until unslinged.
  • Added a config option to set up custom sling locations for different vests.
  • Now supports all weapons including Marko mods’ and fluffy mods’ weapons.

Now supports auto slinging weapons on your back, requires my holster to work.

hi can you giveme a CustomAdd = function(weaponHash) example i use ox_inventory
i will buy it

what are all the weapon already configure can i get a list (marko mods)

not support with ox_inventory and no support with this problem

Anyone have issues with this script where sometimes guns will float as a player walks away after slinging it (or if a player logs out while weapon slung)?

Additionally, anyone else having issue where if you enter a vehicle with a slung weapon, all hell breaks loose? lol

Support is provided in the discord

Hey is it possible for me to make this script use ox_inv, but making it so that weapon needs to have sling attachment to do that, otherwise you cant put it away, or it will drop on the ground if you put it away without sling attachment?

no there is a problem with keymaster so scully not update since 05 2022 i bought it and now im still waitting for update