[PAID] Scully Weapon Sling v2 (Synced with attachments!)

Weapon Sling v2

Stop putting your weapons up your butt, put them on my sling!


• Easy to use config where you can configure everything.

• Has 2 different sling location options that can be adjusted in the config.

• Standalone, will work on any server.

• Optional keybinds and commands to sling/unsling weapons.

• Synced across players including attachments.

• Config option to set up custom locations for different vests, also has default options if you decide not to set these up.

• Supports auto slinging weapons with weapon wheel on your back, requires my holster to work.

• Supports all Marko Mods and Fully Mods weapons as of 8/13/2022.

Preview: Gyazo
Purchase: Weapon Sling v2
Purchase Source: Weapon Sling v2 Source

Code is accessible Only on source version
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 100
Requirements None
Support Yes

thanks scully, very cool

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First :wink:

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Does this sytem create tornados?! i find some sling systems can HEAVILY bug out players

Do tints work as well?

No tornado issues during testing on foot and in vehicles :slight_smile:

We use qs-inventory, which turns weapons into inventory items instead of having a weapon wheel…

Will this work with that type of system? Ive tried 2 other slings but they dont work because the weapons arnt in the weapon wheel.

Does this work with addon weapons and/or replace weapon models?

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It has 2 functions in the config where you can add/remove your items if you use weapon items on your server :slight_smile:

Yes, you can add any weapon to the config

When a player changes clothes does it update the weapon? or does the weapon go invisible

If they change clothing the weapon will stay :slight_smile:

i guess im spending money! XD

oh does it automatically set it to the sling if it is in there inventory?

dope script, seems easy to use too

is it working on ox-inventory?

This works also for pistol?

How is the performance?

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Works with any weapon added to the Config