[PAID] ScarAnticheat | Standalone - Protect your server now!

:shield: ScarAC :shield:

Code is accessible No (only configs)
Subscription-based No (lifetime)
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements N/A
Support Yes (here and on discord)

• Anti Heal/Armor
• Anti Invisible/Godmode
• Anti Teleport/Noclip
• Anti Ragdoll
• Anti Superjump
• Anti TinyPed
• Anti AimAssist/Aimbot
• Anti Menyoo/Freecam/Spectate
• Anti Night/Termal vision
• Anti Player Tracker/Blips
• Anti Modmenus/VPN/ESX/Cheatengine
• Anti Weapon Explosion/Multiplier/Damage Changer
• Anti Explosions/Particles
• Anti Object/Vehicle Mass Spawn
• Anti Vehicle Rainbow Colors
• Anti Blacklist Commands/Vehicles/Events/Objects/Peds/Weapons & Names/Caracters
• Anti Play Sound
• Bypass/Admin system
• Discord webhook logs

Store → https://ucanttouchme.tebex.io/package/5254671 (Lifetime) (Updates are inclusive)

What does this anticheat offer more than others that makes it worth 20$ and not just use any other anticheat out there?(not malicious question)

good question tbh, maybe cuz other anticheats are more expensive and they are subscription based? lol

not satisfying answer to me, but thanks for reply anyway! Good point but yet generalizing other anticheats by price. Have it your way! I’ll stop replying now.

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