[PAID] San Andreas Type Loading Screen


  • Here’s A Beautiful Nostalgic Loading Screen For Your Presenter
  • Does Not Require Any Framework
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Showcase : Link !

Tebex : Link !


Swear this was gta online rps loading screen?

not yours

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hello? WTH this is not your thing and your are selling it amazing i thinks these fivem official are now good for nothing.

at least put it for free bud

Cool release but I wouldn’t pay for this.

made from scratch :kekw:

Selling leaked loading screen ? :hushed:

you had to start the video after adding blocks, as in gta sa :+1:

So nice!

Copyright infringing

So what you grabbed the free one and put it up for sale???

link the free one please!

you just want money lol, start to learn things and then sell em

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this is b5m loading screen then gta online stole it

Let me just say this, for everyone:
If you believe the resource is stolen / leaked / copied or whatever else, refrain from public accusations. Instead, flag the topic and explain your concerns to the moderator team in private. Publicly bashing the resource never does any good.

Where can i buy the original loading screen?