[paid] rx_anticheat [standalone]

Snímek obrazovky 2021-03-23 125226
:arrow_forward: AntiExplosion


:arrow_forward: Anti Map Spammer





:arrow_forward:Scoreboard Exploit

:arrow_forward: Ban System

:arrow_forward: Admin Panel (ESX ONLY NOW )


:arrow_forward: Blacklisted Vehicles

:arrow_forward:Blacklisted Peds

:arrow_forward: AntiSpeedHack

:arrow_forward: AntiSpectate

:arrow_forward:Admin Bypass


:arrow_forward:AntiSuperPowers (Super Jump, Super Damage,GodMode)

:arrow_forward: Optimalized


If you have any question just type here :slight_smile:

obfuscated or ip lock?

please upload a showcase or something before someone buy it

No its not.

Added some pictures :slight_smile:

How much ms takes?

its checking only the basic native?

0.01 it takes normally :))

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Looking dope

Ok I will buy it :blush:

can this be converted to OBCore?

basic natives, not very advance, waste of money. easy to bypass.


Ofc its can be and its be very rare…

i test anticheat on my server and all be okay :heart:

New Update -
Admin Menu for esx_menu_default
Better optimalization…