[Paid][RSG] JC-Moonshining - New, Unique and Innovative


The JC-Moonshining is a new and innovative moonshining script for RedM RSCore! It adds the availability and capability of being able to create any moonshine and mash you wish! Including adding several items that’s not part of any ingredients, add a maximum and minimum of any ingredient. But don’t take my word for it, watch the videos that has been made, both for the config and script itself for better explaination!

Configuration Introduction

Normal Version
Open Source


  • Add as many ingredients for mash and moonshine you want
  • Add as many items to be addable into the mash bucket, even if it don’t match ingredients
  • Make a max and a min amount for ingredients to match mash!
  • Maintain the Moonshine still so it don’t explode from overheating!
  • Synchronize between all players
  • Saved through database
Code is accessible Yes in Open Source
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1124

| Support | Yes |

Fixed most bugs, and added smoke for when the moonshine still is brewing, which is also synchronized between all players, both when it starts and it stops!

Changelog #1

  • Fixed getting stuck with a bucket in the hand when cooling still, adding mash etc.
  • Added smoke when the moonshine still is brewing at certain temperature.
  • Added ingredients and mash being added back when removing them without mashing or brewing

Updated Showcase

I actually spoke in the video, but my microphone wasn’t properly plugged in… Which is why there’s no talking :confused: