[PAID][RELEASE] Set Ped to Player - DataBase Saving System

Thank you, man, I appreciate it.

Thank you so much for the 600 views on the youtube video! :heart:

I have to thank you for your great support <3

As for the new script, it should be out next week, I’m working on a model and a few more things, expect it soon!

Big :heart: For all

i get this error and ped dont save i already added sql to users!

Give me please link, identifier account mysql! Don’t Steam

Dear @Chertiloff,
What ESX version you are using?
Are you using ESX?

description ‘ES Extended’

version '1.2.0 Final

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Alright, I will send you the fix in DM.

Greetings i get some wierd errors here

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Dear @TempusV,
You are using Script for Normal ESX or ESX-Legacy?

can u send me an updated version with esx legacy where the identifier is identifier? and not rockstart or socialclub

btw on top most of the “animal” peds dont work sadly u know why?

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Dear @TempusV,
I am fixing this error about animals, all customers will receive mail with files.
And can you explain this about identifier?

Dear customers,
The new update is available now,
Check the mail for the download link.
Your RisWorks.

idk but cant find one with identifier the same error is still there

thats identifier for esx legacy

Can you give me your ESX legacy version?

Dear customers,

Update v1.03
-Fixed Animal Peds
-Now compatible with ESX 1.2.0 and ESX 1.2.0 FINAL

If you have any problems, you can contact me on the forum.

Your RisWorks.

Give this man some Cookies, for real. He fixed the whole thing in less 2 hours. Nice Support, nice Script, nice Person at all.

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: 5 of 5

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Thank you, man, I appreciate it.

Great script, great and fast support. 5 of 5 <3

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Thank you, man, I appreciate it.

If anyone has a problem with the script, we can fix it but you need to message me on fivem forum.