[Paid Release] RicX Anims Packs 1-3

RedM Scripts - RicX Anims Packs

With this RDR2 RedM script, server owners can give an option for players to use animations easily. By pressing F6 (default), players will have a some kind of button menu, where they can navigate trough different anims and their styles. There are more anims added, and each of them has more styles. Most of the anims have sounds with the ped, like screaming, laughing etc. Working on both male and female ped

Anims #1:
Sneaky Laugh, Point and Laugh, Strange Laugh, Clap them, Applause, Waving Gentle, Thank you, Praying


Anims #2:
War Cry, Wolf Howl, Shoot in the Sky, Scaring, Spooky Action, Sniffing Around, Look in Distance


Anims #3:
Chicken Dance, Gorilla, Hangover, Hold face, Silence!, I watch!, Lets Go!, Come!, Happy Walk


1. Features

Easy to use
Low CPU usage
Easy to install

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