[Paid Release] [RedEM:RP] RicX Cigarette and Pipe

RicX Cigarett

This script is an easy to configure cigarette smoking resource. Server owners can set any kind of smoking styles, if they want.
There is already 10+ styles added for both sex. Players can change smoking style after starting smoking with the item. They can walk around while smoking, and they can stop it anytime. Works both for male and female mp model. 2 extra pipe smoking animation for both sex


  • Easy to configure
  • Low CPU usage
  • 10+ added smoking styles, +2 pipe style
  • Prompts

2. Dependencies

  • item usage: redemrp but can be converted into any framework

3. How To Install

  1. Put ricx_cigarett into server-data/resources/
  2. Open server.cfg and add after the RedEMRP resources: ensure ricx_cigarett
  3. Add item “cigarett” and “pipe” to your inventory config as usable item