[Paid Release] [RedEM:RP] Hotbar Functions

RicX Hotbar Functions

With this script, server owners are able to add hotbar to the HUD. Players can turn on the hotbar by pressing the configured key.
8 slot for functions, 3 already built-in functions: Search Players (search target must be dead or has to putup hands), Hands Up and Change Walk Style function. After turning on the Hotbar, players can click on the elements.

1. Features

  • Easy to edit and add functions to Hotbar elements
  • Low CPU usage
  • HTML, CSS, Jquery
  • Already built-in functions

2. Dependecies for search players

  • redemrp
  • redemrp_inventory2.0

3. How to Install

  1. Put ricx_hotbar into server-data/resources/
  2. Open server.cfg and add after the RedEMRP resources: ensure ricx_hotbar