[Paid Release][RedEM:RP] Collect Item Quests

Collect Item Quests - MySQL

This script offers a Quest System, in which players can collect items for the created NPC. After finishing the required numbers of quests, player can open the NPC’s Shop too. After finishing all of the quests, player can reach the second level of the shop, good system for rpg-like servers. Players must collect items for the NPC. Add details easily in config file, so server owners can make their own unique quests line, bring water or animal pelts, everything depends on your configs.

1. Features

  • MySQL - Script saves progress after finishing a mission, so players can continue their questline any time.

  • RPG-like quest line and shop unlock system

  • Easy to edit config file

  • Low CPU usage

2. Dependencies



mysql async

3. How to Install