[PAID RELEASE] Police MDT by nightstudios

Police MDT by nightstudios


We are happy to show you our newest script for you. We’ve put a lot of hard work into it. It has many more features than before and a new clean design.


  • Using Asset Escrow
  • Compatible with ESX 1.2 & 1.1
  • Optimized and low ms (0.3ms while active)
  • Clean animations
  • Big Config (> 90)
  • Source code
    • Search for any citizen within your database
    • Detail page of licenses, vehicles, bills and data of the player
    • For security reasons the system generates a unique
      identifier where you can create a report with
  • Vehicles
    • Search for any vehicles and find their owner
      (by clicking on a vehicle the detail page of the citizen shows up)
    • Display vehicles names(configurable in the config
  • Reports
    • Create reports, set bill amount, prison time and much more
    • Choose if you want to send the bill directly to the player or not
      (even if the player is offline)
    • Status management (open, in_progress, closed)
    • Certain ranks can delete reports (Configurable via config)
    • Auto generated & unique report id
  • Control Center
    • Create new areas
    • All police officers are shown and can be assigned to any area.
    • Assign officer by drag and drop to the specific area

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We are almost at any time available for you and be able to help you with your questions and problems.
If there is anything we can help you with please let us know.


This great! I was looking for a decent tablet! Thanks for the contribution It is free or encrypted code

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Its not free. But its completely open :slight_smile:

which notification do you use ?

The script uses its own notification system.

this is dope, when will you test on 1.1?

Thank you!
I dont have a server running on ESX 1.1. So there will be no tests for 1.1. I’m sorry

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need someone to test lol?

Update - 17.10.2021

:white_check_mark: » Control Center - Only officers on duty are visible (Meaning if the status is unequal to “out_of_service”)
:white_check_mark: » Dispatches & Status - Added (Available as Plugin for free)

Preview: police dispatch - Album on Imgur

Beautiful & clean work

Have been looking for such a script for a long time, thank you!

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Compatibility with ESX 1.1 approved!

Tested by @Beauflexx :heart:

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This is an amazing MDT and just what my server was looking for. Easy to config, set up and use! Many thanks!

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will be qbcore available?

I could try it, but I cant promise.

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that’s nice :slight_smile:

compatible with v1 final ?

Yes its compatible

Looks Nice

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compatible with legacy ?