[PAID-RELEASE] Alley's Mods / Widebody C8 Chevy Corvette

Widebody Corvette C8


  • Custom After Market Widebody Kit

  • Custom After Market Wing and Spoiler

  • Custom After Market Rear Diffuser

  • After Market Vossen Wheels

  • Custom Working Dials

  • Color Changeable Interior (Secondary paint)

  • Extras:
    -Extra 1: Roll Cage
    -Extra 2: Lip Spoiler
    -Extra 3: Big Wing
    -Extra 4: Cabin Roof

Primary Paint: Body
Secondary: Interior, Cage, Fronk, Trunk, All Light Up LED’s
Wheel Color: Wheels

Livery #1 = Alley Modifications Livery
Liver #2 = Blank, Just Paint.

Engine Bay is a Modification. (Aerials #2)

Alley Modifications Website (tebex.io)
Direct Link
Widebody C8 Chevy Corvette ($25.00 + Tebex Tax)



Info is stated in the post that the engine bay is a modification.

There are 0 issues with the model