[Paid] Refund System [QB & ESX]

LD Refund System

The Best FiveM Refund System Intrigued in a Discord Bot

About LD Refund System

The LD Refund system is a system for FiveM servers. This system makes it easy for your server to give refunds to players through a Discord bot. After inviting the bot to your Discord server, you must activate the purchased license to access the bot’s full functionality. Using the commands, you can then perform refunds. When you run a refund, the bot connects to your database and the refund is put into your database. The player can then receive the in-game refund via an in-game command through the script you get through keymaster.


Supported Frameworks

Currently, the Refund System supports the following frameworks. Support will be expanded in the future.

  • ESX (All versions)
  • QB Core (All versions)

Supported Languages

Currently, the Discord Bot supports the following languages. If your language is not listed, please create a ticket on our Discord server. We will then see what we can do for you.

  • EN (English)
  • NL (Dutch)



  • /setup license
  • /setup role
  • /setup log_channel
  • /setup database
  • /setup items
  • /refund give item
  • /refund give weapon
  • /refund give money
  • /refund give blackmoney
  • /refund info user
  • /refund info id
  • /refund cancel


  • /refunds
  • /refundclaim


Documentation: docs.lucadev.nl

Code is accessible No (except config)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 4500 +
Requirements ESX & oxmysql
Support Yes

Additional Examples:

Give Refund:

Confirm Refund:

Confirmed Refund:

PM to whoever gets the refund: