[PAID][REDEM:RP][VORP] Telegram System

Telegram System - RedM

Preview - unk_telegram


  • Unique Telegram Number to every character
  • Unique Contact List to every character
  • NPC’s to enhance the experience


  • RedemRP or VORP


  1. Ensure any dependencies before the script
  2. Run the SQL file
  3. Add ‘ensure unk_telegram’ to server.cfg

Tebex Link
RedemRP 14.99€ + tax
VORP 14.99€ + tax

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Requirements RedEM:RP or VORP
Support Yes

Tebex page is not working, fix the link please.

Best regards,
ORP Team

You are right. I just fixed it, thanks for that!

Could you add a functions that automatically gives you also the sender code in the message? without you have to type it in?

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Thats a possibility, I will do that and push an update

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Where I can contact with you ?

Though with that, it should be optional for those senders that want to write anonymous telegrams

An option to delete messages would be nice.