[PAID] RAHE Racing System [ESX / QB / Standalone]

You are using a language that isn’t supported by the default font we use (with SetTextFont). To circumvent this, you can change the font of the 3D text.

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where to change

Hi, is there any way to disable the /racing command as well as turn off the checkpoint sounds? It would be nice to have an option in the config for this

would be nice if you could make official races that spawn a specified car for a race theres a few like that but none that let you actually race people just time trials n shit.

These are all configurable. Also, our today’s update has introduced phasing - you now have the option to turn on no-collision mode for races!

does it come with any tracs configured?


P.S It is an Estonian RP server and you have to fill a whitelist (automated)

@ rahedevelopment Question, can this be used on addon tracks as well ?

+Rep Help with a error. He/She was fast and understandable to help fix the error. Can’t wait to see what He/She is making next <3

Yes, it can be used on addon tracks.

Our server is a non-english roleplay server. It’s not a public testing server for our products (and we haven’t claimed so anywhere). So if you ask where our server is - feel free to learn Estonian, go through the whitelisting process and play in our server.

We feel that all of the functionality is shown in the preview video. If there are any additional questions, we’ve always been happy to answer them. I wouldn’t say there’s ‘very little’ to get the idea of this script - it’s exactly as in the video. All of our customers have been happy with the product as can be read from our reviews channel.

  1. Yes, we constantly improve our scripts. Racing alone has received 4-5 updates since launch. We’ve provided additional config options, new features (such as phasing) and much more.

  2. That’s not possible. The main audience for this script is roleplay servers. Random vehicle spawning belongs more to a freeroam server and we don’t have plans for that feature at the moment.

  3. We provide support for you to get the script up and running & configured. If you wish to do custom work / edits, then that’s on you. That’s usually not needed though, since the default package has satisfied our customers. We have no plans to close the store, so the support duration for now is indefinite.

  4. Our script isn’t resource-heavy and can run on any machine that can run the default server.

Thanks for your thoughts - I was just answering your questions.

You assumed correctly. It’s seen in the preview video.

The link has been in the main post since we launched our resource and currently has over 8000 views in Youtube. From 3:13 onwards you can see opening the tracks tab, selecting a track, putting in the wanted settings (time until start, DNF timer, buy-in, lap amount, required class), notifications, joining the race, waiting for the race to start, 50 seconds of sped-up racing.

The only thing that’s missing is the UI fading out when he finishes. We can provide that as well if you wish, let us know.

Making it so the users can choose if phasing is enabled for each race instead of it being a config option.

that would be a awesome change also great work on the script.

We’ll consider it for the future updates. The reason why it’s behind a config option currently is so that players wouldn’t be able to abuse it (start a race just to get phasing). But we can see some use cases where it could be useful indeed.

Thank you for your kind words!

Hello for some reason when i create the tracks it doesnt save is there a fix to this?

Hey, unfortunate to hear that you’ve run into issues. The releases are all tested with different frameworks and configurations before publishing - your issue hasn’t come up yet (neither have other clients reported this).

The probable issue here is user error. I see that you’ve opened a support ticket as well. We look forward to getting additional information from you in there!

Can i translate to portuguese these texts on script?

Yes, it can be translated to every language and be used with any framework.