[PAID] [QBCORE] Zed Pawnshop | Advanced Player Owned Pawn Shops

Zed Pawnshop

This is a job script for pawn shops built to work with multiple locations. More features will be added in upcoming updates.


  • Option to use draw text or target
  • Job locked target areas
  • Built to have Multiple Locations.
  • Police can raid stashes.
  • Props for cash registers.
  • You can add more shops and configure how you want!
  • Highly customizable!
  • Already setup for K4MB1 Pawnshop and Core Pawnshop.
  • Built in shop to buy items from.
  • Sell items for money.
  • Trade items for materials (Or other items. You choose!).
  • Charge other players for items.
  • Progress bars
  • Support provided.
  • New features will be added in the future!


  • QBCore
  • PolyZone
  • Jim Payments or Okok Billing Supported
  • Supports QB Notify, OkOk Notify or Mythic Notify
  • Supports QB and ox_lib for menus
  • Supports QB and ox target systems
  • Supports draw text


Code is accessible Yes (Some)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 650
Requirements QBCore
Support Yes

Pawn Shop Change Log 1.0.1

  • Added Props for cash registers

  • Optimized code for trading materials

  • Added support for okok Notify

  • Still supports default QBCore Notify

  • Renamed a few things from “SSPawn” to “Pawn” as the script is built to be anywhere

  • Added job code to the readme file

Pawn Shop Change Log 1.0.2

-Added Locations for Core Pawnshop Interior
-Adjusted menu

Pawn Shop Change Log 1.0.3
-Added Props for cash registers
-Optimized code for trading materials
-Added support for okok Notify
-Still supports default QBCore Notify
-Renamed a few things from “SSPawn” to “Pawn” as the script is built to be anywhere
-Added job code to the readme file

Pawn Shop Change Log 1.0.4

-Added Locations for Core Pawnshop Interior
-Adjusted menu

Pawn Shop Change Log 1.0.5

-Added target zone for register prop in K4mb1 Pawn Shop
-Reworked Prop Spawning
-Reworked print text to only print on resource start
-Moved ped spawn to on resource start event

-Updated version
-Hot fix for ped not spawning

Pawnshop Update V1.0.3:
-Added ox_lib support
-Added config option for menus
-Added Config option for counter slots and weight
-Optimized some code

Pawnshop V1.0.4


  • Supports ox_lib for menus


  • Changed spawn ped event
  • Optimized some code


  • Fixed all ox_lib menus

Pawnshop V1.0.5


  • Fixed counter stashes not being separate stashes
  • Fixed job check for regular stashes
  • Updated version to 1.0.5

Pawnshop V1.0.6

-Added Progress bars
-Added support for ox_target

-Optimized menu code
-Removed some unneeded code

Pawnshop V1.0.7


  • Added draw text option for all functions
  • Added job check for draw text
  • Added a boss check for boss menu when using draw text
  • Updated version

Pawnshop V1.0.8

  • Optimized notifications
  • Added mythic notify
  • Removed a bunch of unneeded code

Pawnshop V1.0.9

  • Updated version to 1.0.9
  • Added okok Billing option

Pawnshop 1.1.0

  • Rework to allow multiple jobs for multiple locations
  • Added boss rank check for boss menu
  • Updated version to 1.1.0

Pawnshop 1.1.1

  • Added config option to use ped for shop or not
  • Added animation to selling items

Pawnshop V1.1.2

  • Fixed okok Billing not working when not using target
  • Fixed trader not removing items from inventory
  • Added mythic notify option in config

Pawnshop V1.1.3

-Added off duty sell ped

-Changed “Clock In” text to “Toggle Duty”
-Updated Version to V1.1.3

Pawnshop 1.1.5


  • Fixed qb-target issue for stashes
  • Removed some unused code

Pawnshop V1.1.6


  • Added ox_lib progress bar
  • Update version to 1.1.6

Pawnshop V1.1.7
-Separated Boss Menu and Clock In
-Update Version

-Removed Off Duty Ped
-Rewrote Menus.lua