Reworked QB-TUNERCHIP for QBCore-based Servers


  • UI Changes to Sliders and Animations to buttons (minor)
  • Added Rainbow Labels to Headlight and Neons.
  • TUNERCHIP DATA now saves in DB for owned vehicles
  • Load Existing Tuner Data for Garage / Depot Vehicles
  • Optimized to work at 0.01 MS (Idle) and 0.04MS (Heavy Use)
  • Compatible with all popular Screen Resolutions (tested on 720p. 1080p. and 1440p)

Before you buy!

  1. RAINBOW VARIANT does not save. (Rest Everything does)




NOTE (Read before commenting on anything)

QB-Tunerchip and QB-Garages are Open-Source, free-to-use scripts made available here. GNU GPL v3 allows commercial use of Open-Source Scripts and we follow all conditions of the same.

WE ARE NOT CHARGING FOR THE EXISTING SCRIPTS, rather we are charging for the modifications we have made, i.e. Changing the UI (minor), Changing data handling from UI, SAVING and RETRIEVING the data (major), and applying the same on vehicles.
Detailed Changelog

Why is it overpriced? (If you feel so)

  • It is because I have to literally pay A LOT of commission and taxes and fees after you pay, and to make it worth the effort thats put in, it is what it is. :cry:


scam lul


Convert to ESX?

Facts lmao

There are so many esx tunerchips…

Fire Release man keep up the good work

What a scam legit did little to nothing to a free resource and now selling it.

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It’s literally just UI changes nothing more, no major changes


Yeah this vs the price of the other scripts is a complete flip… it’s not WORTH this much really… $5 or something is more fair for your time, all you did was change the slider effect and enable the rainbow effect that was already there commented out.

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Osmium strikes again :joy::joy:


but like it’s debatably yours, shouldn’t be charging at all, and for sure not 25$ USD :rofl:


Its a forum, we can’t do anything about it :slight_smile: people do and talk whatever they think. Three people bought it, they know that their exists a free version, and they are pretty satisfied with my work, cuz they know how to read the entire post, and not get tilted because of some silly comments :rofl:

What’s wrong with y’all ong, i see free scripts being posted everyday in this forum and see people saying “nice release”. It’s actually funny how much 1 person impacts another just because they don’t go along the script was asked to be modified he did can y’all shut up? y’all kids ong

if you’re implying that your first amendment right applies here, you are 100% wrong

My brain broke reading that.


Lol selling a free resource with basically the same ui, just colored sliders… mmmmmkay.

my brain hurts lookin at the community

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Nice make-up for this resource. Great job! :slight_smile:

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ummmmm ÂŁ30.00 for a reskin of a source you did not even code?

:joy: NERD and you still can’t read the post content :slight_smile: sad man!
and yeah you need to learn some currency conversion for sure lmao! Its ÂŁ18.12!

See now, people like you, keep posting irrelevant comments, like you call it £30 and someone calls it reskin, etc. and another guy would pop up and won’t read the entire post, and then do another irrelevant comment under your influence << this is what you did lol.

Thankfully the customers I got till date, had brain powah to read the post, understand whats different, and buy it afterwards. It takes patience to do that. Everyday I deal with almost 5 new people, and I know what am doing and what am charging for. The thin line that doesn’t let you understand that, is that you don’t have the patience to read the post, but you have patience to read the silly comments, and why you are doing that? is beyond my understanding.

ps. i love writing long messages