[Paid] [QBCore] NoPixel Inspired Paleto Bank Robbery [Gabz]

[QBCore] Gabz Paleto Bank Robbery | NoPixel Inspired


Let me introduce my Paleto Bank Robbery, zd-paletobank is a Nopixel-inspired script that takes place in Paleto Bank. This script introduces a new and different way for players on the server to work together to rob the bank, as the entire script is synchronized among all players. Additionally, this script includes various hacks that can be adjusted by the server owner to customize the level of difficulty.

Some of the key features of the script:

• All minigames can now be changed in the client/open.lua
• The inventory can now be changed in the config supporting qb, lj, ox and u can add a custom one
• Designed to work with the Bobcat MLO made by Gabz
• Exciting minigames such as laptop hack, varhack, memorygame, safe and lightsout
• Highly configurable.
• Well thought out heist designed to make the experience interesting and fun for all.

this resource uses the Asset Escrow system provided by FiveM. There’s an extensive config and locale file

Code is accessible No/Partly
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1500
Requirements None
Support Yes

I have lowered the price a bit :slight_smile:

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