[PAID] [QBCore] House System (Metadata, Garage, Rentable, Purchasable)


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Note: I couldn’t test giving the house to someone else as I did everything by myself. If it gives an error, contact me, I will provide support.


  • Works with MLO
  • Metadata
  • Stash
  • Wardrobe
  • Every house has its own garage
  • House management screen
  • You can copy the house key
  • You can sell your house for half price (You can change it in config)
  • You can transfer your house to your friend
  • Rental system. You can turn this on/off in the config file
  • If the rent is not paid on time, the person will be kicked out of the house
  • The player can buy as many houses he/she wants. You can turn this on/off in the config file
  • You can change almost everything from config
  • There is only 4 houses, but you can add how much you want from config.

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Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~800
Requirements qb-phone, qb-inventory & oxmysql
Support Yes
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:scream: it’s look great

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Interesting concept.

I wrote it first and then I was going to delete it because it sounded a bit silly, but I forgot. Thanks for remembering. I fixed it.

Thx <3

wowowow :heart_eyes:

So this will not work for shells correct?

what do you mean?

I think they mean like could this replace qb-apartments type shell houses.

Can I use the shells to make a house? Or your script only works for walk in type MLOs.

I want to use shells which are basically objects which dynamically spawn. Same as qb-apartments or qb-houses

works only with MLOs :frowning:

thx :star_struck:

Dang make it work with shells (like k4mb1 ones) and you will pretty much have the housing market due to qb-houses being very broken and no one else wants to modernise their current housing systems.

Maybe add qb-target support too and real estate job to control rentals etc.

Thanks for your suggestion. Right now I have other plans as script and I’m working on them. I’ll try to do what you said after they’re done.