[PAID - QBCore / ESX] Torture Script

Yep now it should work with ox_lib dependency

multiple locations please

u can add as many as u want

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Yeah but from where the Controlpanel knows wich Chair he need to “Torture” ?
By Distance?

hola estoy tratando al servidor me gustaria ayudarme!

Won’t let me in to the service I have to do

I wanna join to the service what I have tondo?

what I a have to do?**

Como puedo entrar al servidor?

hola quiero unirme al servidor

quiero poder unirme al servidor

why does my server artifact version is outdated cant join now ?

hola puedo quiero unirme al sevidor por favor

por favor puedo unime
al servidor

i trying to join to a server and i cant, i need some help with it, thanks

Necesito ayuda para entrar al servidor alguien que me ayude porfavor

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Yo necesito ayudaaaaaaaaa