[PAID][QBCORE][ESX] QP-MINING | Much more than a mining system

Today we released one of our scripts. qp-mining like the name says is a mining script but its also much more than that.
With this script you will give a new life to this job in your server.

qp-mining script is an absolute must to have if you want a mining system in your server. The script is totally integrated with role play, optimized and configurable for your server needs. It allows your players to choose the mining life without being tired of it, with different role plays that allow your players to choose what type of miners they want to be.

Why you should get this script:

  • Support for ESX and QB
  • Complete mining system integrated with role play.
  • Multiple options to mining.
  • Three different role plays to craft the final mining items.
  • Mining reputation system is included. We want to create a better and immersive role play and progress environment with mining skills.
  • Like in real life you can increase your skills. The multiples levels and advantages by level are fully configurable (only for qb version, in esx version only one level is configurable).
  • Mining Market included.
  • 0.00 ms.
  • Everything is fully configurable.
  • You can define the items for your server needs.
  • You can define if the role plays are open for every player or if they are specific for some job/gang.
  • Built and optimized to be easy to configure. You just have to enjoy.

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Preview (PT)

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