This script lets you set a scheduled time for the gangs/players/families to fight and search for the items in docks shipment that have been placed on containers. You can decide how many containers will contain the items you have placed, decide what item, chances and min/max quantity of item to give. We have 428 Containers location in docks that will be randomly selected once the docks is started.

Script Features:

  • Framework supported [QBCore]
  • Optimized script idle at 0.00ms
  • Add Schedule for Docks anytime you want
  • 428 Containers Included to random select
  • Enable/Disable Server Announcements
  • Enable/Disable Screen Text Countdown
  • Enable/Disable Progressbar
  • Enable/Disable Blip Icon and Blip Radius
  • Can add how many containers can be looted
  • Can add mini game for opening container
  • Very customizable and easy to configure
  • Fixed all possible player bugs, glitches and abuse
  • Discord Logs
  • 24/7 Support at Discord

There are many more features

Notice: This script is using Asset Escrow System

Script Preview: Click Here
Tebex Link: Click Here

Code is accessible Yes/No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1050+
Requirements QBCore
Support Yes